QCC Casino Road Improvements

Schedule A

The Roadway Project includes the construction of intersection and roadway improvements on Marine Drive between 31st Avenue NE and 33rd Avenue NE. This will include; a multi-lane roundabout at the intersection of Marine Drive NE and 31st Avenue NE, a compact roundabout at the intersection of 62nd Place NE and 31st Avenue NE, 260 feet of roadway widening between 62nd Place NE and Marine Drive along 31st Avenue NE, and 480 feet of roadway widening south of Marine Drive NE along 33rd Avenue NE. Additionally, the Roadway Project includes full depth roadway reconstruction, installation of curb and gutter, sidewalks, storm water improvements, illumination, and landscaping. Additional work includes grind and overlay of 550 linear feet of 60th Place NE, 770 linear feet of 31st Avenue NE, and 800 linear feet of 33rd Avenue NE south of Marine Drive as a result of the Schedule C uetilities improvements portion of the Project.

Schedule B

Fuel Station Improvements includes the reconstruction of existing bioretention swales at the 4th Street Fuel Station north of Marine Drive. Additional improvements include modification of the existing oil/water separator system located in the fuel station parking lot.

Schedule C

Utilities includes construction of approximately 2,800 linear feet of 12-in.-diam. sanitary sewer and 2,020 feet of 8-in.-diam. force main in 31st Avenue NE, 33rd Avenue NE, and Marine Drive NE. The project also includes one submersible sanitary sewer lift station with auxiliary power (described in the CSI-format Technical Specifications following these Special Provisions), connections to existing force main and gravity sewers, surface restoration and roadway and parking lot restoration. Including construction of approximately 230 feet of 10- and 12-in.-diam. water main, one master meter and roadway restoration.

Construction to begin early May with completion plan to late fall.
This work is in support of the new QCC Casino.


The main point of contact for this project is:
Christina Parker
8802 27th Avenue NE
Tulalip, WA 98271

Image: QCC Casino Road Improvements Map

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