Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why roundabouts?

  • How is pedestrian access and safety being addressed?

    The sidewalks along both street corridors will be made wider, be better illuminated, and be fully Americans with Disability Act (ADA) accessible to more safely accommodate pedestrians and bikes.

  • Why are we constructing roundabouts instead of a single-point urban interchange (SPUI) like the 116th interchange?

    The space available at these two interchanges are more constrained by adjacent development and the traffic patterns are different. A SPUI would be very expensive at these two locations and that type of improvement would have significant impacts on adjacent businesses. The Roundabouts offer a very similar traffic benefit with lower cost and less impact on adjacent property owners.

  • Why aren’t we addressing the railroad crossing east of the project?

    The challenges with the railroad tracks and traffic congestion it causes on city streets in Marysville is widely known. However, the challenges with the railroad are outside the scope of this project. The funding for this project is tied to the purpose and need (see tabs above) for this project.